Exploring The Adoption of Traceability Technologies in Canadian Agri-Food Sector: An Empirical Approach

Principal Investigator: Jill Hobbs

Graduate student: Albert Ugochukwu

Duration: April 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014

Research Output:

Albert I. Ugochukwu, Jill E. Hobbs, Peter W.B. Phillips, Richard Gray (2015) An economic analysis of private incentives to adopt DNA barcoding technology for fish species authentication in Canada. Genome, 2015, 58(12): 559-567, 10.1139/gen-2015-0033

Albert Ugochukwu and Jill Hobbs (2015) Exploring the Adoption of Authenticity Technologies in Canadian Agri-food Sector: An Empirical Approach

Ugochukwu, Albert (2015) Essays on collective reputation and authenticity in agri-food markets. PhD Dissertation. University of Saskatchewan

A.I. Ugochukwu, Hobbs, J.E., Phillips, P.W.B. (2014). The Role of DNA Barcoding Technology in Fish Species Authentication. PosterPaper presented at the Genome/Gairdner Foundation Canada Conference Titled “Genomics: the Power & the Premise”, Ottawa, November 24-26. Winner of the GE3LS (Genomics and its Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social Aspects) poster paper prize.

Ugochukwu, A.I., Hobbs, J.E. and Phillips, P.W.B. (2013). The Potential Role of International Barcode of Life (IBOL) Technology in Governance and International Regulatory Protocols. Poster paper presented at the 3rd Annual Canadian Agricultural Policy Conference, Ottawa, January.

Ugochukwu, A.I., Hobbs, J.E., Phillips, P.W.B. and Kerr, W.A. (2013). Collective Reputation and Authenticity: The Role of Technology. Presented at the CAES Organized Symposium session 'Collective Reputation, Authenticity and Traceability Issues in Food Markets’, CAES-AAEA joint meeting, Washington D.C., August.

Total Grant: $42,680