Innovation Seminar Series

Mobilizing Agri-Food Knowledge: A Multi-faceted Challenge

Presented by Dr. Camille (Cami) D. Ryan, Departments of Plant Science & Bioresource Policy, Business & Economics, University of Saskatchewan


Global food security is a pressing public policy issue. With two billion more mouths to feed by 2050 and demand for food forecasted to increase by at least 70%, accelerated technological change and innovation in the agri-food sector are needed to address pressing challenges. The difficulty is that new ideas, products and organizational structures are inherently uncertain and, often, contentious. This has lead to costly regulatory delays which inhibit innovation and product development.

This preliminary research highlights our interest in understanding how upstream academic knowledge translates into policy decisions in agriculture. Ultimately, the goal is to ascertain how researchers (and affiliated institutions) can better synthesize, package and communicate research results for policy-and decision makers on a global scale.