Innovation Seminar Series

Multi-factor Productivity Growth in Saskatchewan Crops

Presented by Liyang Huang


The study provides measurements of productivity gains in the Saskatchewan agricultural sector on a crop by crop basis. The study considers six major crops in Saskatchewan: spring wheat, durum wheat, feed barley, feed peas, large green lentils and canola. Productivity performances are compared across crop sectors, soil zones and seeding technologies. Over the 1993-2013 period all six crops grew in productivity at rates of over 2.56% per year. Feed peas and canola showed the fastest growth rates of 4.68% and 4.01%, respectively. The productivity of summer-fallow crops was found to have limited potential, while the crops using conventional tillage and zero tillage had faster productivity growth rates. The best soil zone for durum wheat and lentil, in terms of valuing productivity growth, turns out to be the brown soil zone; while for peas and canola it is the dark brown soil zone. Spring wheat and barley in different soil zones have not shown apparent differences in productivity gains.

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