AFBI/Other Events

First Prize in GE3LS Poster Competition at the Genome Canada Conference in Ottawa, November 24, 2014

Poster  "The Role of DNA Barcoding Technology in Fish Species Authentication: An Economic Analysis" - Albert Ugochukwu, Jill Hobbs and Peter Phillips

AFBI Poster Session. August 14, 2014. Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Poster 1 "Multi-factor Productivity Growth in Saskatchewan Crops" - Liyang Huang and Richard Gray

Poster 2 "Insights into the Fresh Vegetable Sector in Saskatchewan - Maryam Ahoogalandari and Bill Brown

Poster 3 " Plant Breeders' Rights (PBRs) in Wheat: Analysis of France, United Kingdom, Australia- Lessons for Canada"- Seraina Giovanoli and Richard Gray

AFBI/BPBE Poster Session. October 02, 2013. University of Saskatchewan

Poster 1 "National and Golobal Impact of Canadian Producer-Funded R&D" - Zhihua Xiao and Murray Fulton

Poster 2 "How Do Intellectual Property (IP) Regimes Affect the Revenue Creation of Wheat Breeders?" - Seraina Giovanoli and Richard Gray

Poster 3 "Insights into the Fresh Vegetable Sector in Saskatchewan" - Maryam Ahoogalandari and Bill Brown

Poster 4 "Exploring the Adoption of Authenticity Technologies in Canadian Agri Food Sector" - Albert Ugochukwu and Jill Hobbs

Poster 5 "Consumer Confidence in Food Quality and Food Safety"- Rim Lassoued and Jill Hobbs

Poster 6 "Incentives for the Adoption of Socially Beneficial Technologies: The Case of an E.coli Vaccine" - Brian Ochieng and Jill Hobbs

AFBI Call for Proposals 2014

Video "Proposal to Examine the Research Environment of Game Changing Crop Breeders"

Video "Proposal to Examine the Methods Used by NGO's and Public Institutions to Allocate Agricultural Research Investmnets"