AFBI Final Reports

1. Rim Lassoued and Jill Hobbs (2015) Food Quality Innovations and Trust: Exploring the Role of Standards, Labels and Brand.

2. Brian Ochieng’ and Jill Hobbs (2015) Incentives for the Socialy Beneficial Technologies: The Case of an E.Cloi Vaccine

3. Ken Rosaasen and James Lokken (2015) Market Prospects

4. Seraina Giovanoli and Richard Gray (2015) International Wheat Royalty Systems and Revenue Generation: An International Comparison

5. Lana Awada and Richard Gray (2015) Measuring Innovation and the Productivity Growth in Canadian Agriculture

6. Xiao Zhihua and Murray Fulton (2015) Innovation, Producer Group Decision Making and Member Heterogeneity

7. Albert Ugochukwu and Jill Hobbs (2015) Exploring the Adoption of Authenticity Technologies in Canadian Agri-food Sector: An Empirical Approach

8. Liyang Huang and Richard Gray (2015) Multi-factor Productivity Growth in Saskatchewan Crops

9. Maryam Ahooghalandari and Bill Brown (2015) Insights Into the Fresh Vegetable Sector in Saskatchewan

10. Richard Schoney, Eric Micheels and Cecil Nagy (2015) A comparison of country competitiveness of Agri benchmark in wheat exporting countries (2010-2013)

11. Tekuni Nakuja and William A. Kerr (2015) Will the TransPacific Partnership Create Opportunities for Saskatchewan Lentils and Other Pulses in Malaysia and Vietnam?

12. David C. Natcher and Tom Allen (2015) One Earth Farms: A Model for Private Agricultural Investment?

13. Marija Pavleska and William A. Kerr (2015) The Proposed Canada-India Free Trade Agreement and the Market for Saskatchewan Lentils

Book Chapters

Richard Gray (2010) Chapter 12: It All Make Cents : Economics of Conservation Tillage. In "Landscapes Transformed: The History of Conservation Tillage and Direct Seeding" Edited by Wayne Lindwall and Bernie Sonnatag pp 149-161.

Journal Articles

Ochieng’, B. and J.E. Hobbs. (2016). Incentives for Cattle Producers to Adopt an E. coli Vaccine: An Application of Best-Worst Scaling. Food Policy 59: 78-87.  DOI: 10.1016/j.foodpol.2015.12.004

Albert I. Ugochukwu, Jill E. Hobbs, Peter W.B. Phillips, Richard Gray (2015) An economic analysis of private incentives to adopt DNA barcoding technology for fish species authentication in Canada. Genome, 2015, 58(12): 559-567, 10.1139/gen-2015-0033

Lassoued, R., Hobbs, J.E. (2015) Consumer Confidence in Credence Attributes: the Role of Brand Trust. Food Policy 52: 99-107. DOI 10.1016/j.foodpol.2014.12.003

A. Williams and W.A.Kerr (2011) Wishful Thinking in Energy Policy. Biofuels in the US and EU. Energy Politics, 25, 34-36.

Proceedings Papers

Lassoued, R., Hobbs, J.E. 2014. The Determinants of Consumer Confidence in Credence Attributes: Trust in the Food System and in Brands. Proceedings of the 2014 AAEA/EAAE/CAES Joint Symposium: Social Networks, Social Media and the Economics of Food, May 29-30, 2014, Montreal, Canada. 31pp