Past Students

Albert UgochukwuPhDJill HobbsExploring the Adoption of Authenticity and Food Quality Verification Technologies in Canada
Alphanso WilliamsMScWilliam KerrMitigating the Risks to Commercializing Biofuels Innovations Posed by Barriers to International Market Access (2011)
Brian OchiengMScJill HobbsIncentives for the Adoption of Socially-Beneficial Technologies: The Case of an E. coli Vaccine
Carol ThomsonMScWilliam KerrInternational Commercial Policy Constraints to Commercializing Agri-food and Bioproducts Innovations (2011)
Eduardo PinaMScEric Micheels An Assessment of the effects of Market Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Farm Performance
Geoff BackmanMScEric Micheels and Ken RosaasenAttitude Toward and Use of Risk Management Tools in Saskatchewan Agriculture
Houtain GePhDJames NolanGrain Handling on the Prairies - evaluating the consequences of future wheat handling strategies on producer management decisions
Jason WoodMScJames NolanDynamic Spatial Ethanol Plant Location (2012)
Jolene GriséMScSuren KulshreshthaEffect of climate change on farmers' choice of crops: An econometric analysis
Jose LopezMScJames NolanTransporting regional commodities to export markets - what does the future hold for the Prairie grain handling system? A spatial analysis and forecast
Lilani SamarakoonMScKen BelcherTargeting of Ecosystem Goods and Services: Directing Agri-Environmental Policy Innovation
Liou HuangMScJing Zhang and Hayley HesselnFactors Affecting Consumer Preferences for Specialty Eggs in Canada (2013)
Liyang HuangMScMetin Cakir and Richard Gray A Productivity Analysis of Aggregate Public and Private R&D Investments in Canadian Wheat and Canola Industries
Majed El FeghalyMScWilliam KerrAdventitious Presence, Market Closures and Innovation- A New Facet of Trade Problems for GM Products
Mang LaiMScEric MicheelsAn Assessment of the Market Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation of Saskatchewan and Northern U.S grain and Livestock Farms
Mangaliso MohammedMScSuren Kulshreshtha Barriers to Growth in Rural Saskatchewan -- A Case Study of Municipal Tax and Non-Tax Incentives
Marija PavleskaPhDWilliam KerrThe Proposed Canada-India Free Trade Agreement and the Market for Saskatchewan Lentils
Maryam AhooghalandariMScBill BrownInsights into Fresh Vegetable Sector in Saskatchewan
Mike St. LouisMScJill HobbsThe Economic Impacts Of Livestock Disease: Animal Traceability Technologies And Regionalization Policies
Rim LassouedPhDJill HobbsFood Quality Innovations and Trust: Exploring the Role of Standards, Labels and Brands
Savannah GleimMScJames NolanIncentives for innovation across alternative agricultural organizations - assessing the consequences of protectionist policies in agriculture
Scott BidenMScStuart Smyth Policy analysis on the adoption of genetically modified canola: A comparison between Canada and Australia
Seraina GiovanoliMScRichard GrayInternational Wheat Royality Systems and Revenue Generation: An International Comparison
Shelicia Forbes-BrownMScEric Micheels and Jill HobbsAn Assessment of Consumers' Willingness to pay for Milk and Milk Products Containing Credence Attributes
Tekuni NakujaPhDWilliam KerrPotential for New Markets for Saskatchewan Pulses and Lentils in the TransPacific Partnership
Undrakh GanbaatarMScBill BrownAn Economic Analysis of Innovation and Commercialization in Small Saskatchewan Agribusinesses (2012)
Zhihua XiaoPhDMurray FultonInnovation, Producer Group Decision Making and Member Heterogeneity